Stock Exchange Communications

S. No.Stock Exchange Communication 
1 Outcome of Board Meeting 24th July, 2018Download
2Letter to Stock Exchange reg Amendment in the Code to Regulate, Monitor and Report trading by InsidersDownload
3Regulation 30Download
4Dissolution of subsidiary STSDownload
5Outcome of Board Meeting 29.05.2018Download
6RE Classification of PromotersDownload
7Intimation of completion of sale of step down subsidiaryDownload
8Intimation under Regulation 30 of SEBI(LODR)2015Download
9Result of Postal Ballot-02.02.2018Download
10Newspaper advertisement for completion of dispatch of Postal BallotDownload
12update regarding preparation of results of second quarter Download
13Intimation of completion of sale of step down subsidiary Download
15Newspaper Cuttings for Results-June 2017 Download
17Result of postal ballot dated 05.06.2017Download
18Stock Exchange Intimation BM-25-05-2017Download
19Newspaper Advertisement-Notice of Dispatch of postal ballot to membersDownload
20update under regulation 30 of SEBI (LODR)Download
21Newspaper Notice-BM-07.11.2016Download
22Voting Results of 40th AGM held on 09-09-2016Download
23Outcome-BM-07-11-2016-Reconstituted Audit ComDownload
24Outcome of BM-10.10.2016Download
25Summary of 40th AGM held on 09-09-2016Download
26Newspaper cutting-Intimation of Board Meeting-11AUG2016Download
27 Newspaper advertisement declaring result of postal ballot dated 30.03.2016Download
28 Result of Postal Ballot dated 30-03-2016Download
29 Scrutinizer's report dated 30-03-2016Download
30 Newspaper cutting of Notice of dispatch of Postal Ballot to Members.pdf Download
31 AGM Result Scrutinizer's report (combined) -11-09-2015 Download
32 Scrutinizer Report-Remote E-voting Download
33 Scrutinizer Report-Physical poll Download
34Result of Postal Ballot – 23-02-2015 Download
35Scrutinizer's Report Download
36Result of Postal Ballot – 11-01-2014Download
37Result of Postal Ballot – 29-11-2013 Download
38Result of Postal Ballot – 20-07-2013 Download
39Result of AGM-Poll Download
40Result of AGM-E-votingDownload
41Result of AGM combined Result Download