Agro and Basic Chemicals – Derabassi

From its inception in 1975 as a joint sector project between Excel Industries Limited. and Punjab State Industrial Development Corporation, Punjab Chemicals & Pharmaceuticals Limited. & now known as Punjab Chemicals and Crop Protection Limited. has been a dependable, reliable and value driven company, both for its customers and promoters and have grown into an internationally operating group today, with its corporate office at Mumbai.

Located at Derabassi (18 km.) near Chandigarh & about 250 kms. north of the capital city New Delhi and spread over 12 hectares of land, employing a team of 580 dedicated people, Punjab Chemicals produces a range of world class products mainly dedicated to the field of Crop Protection. Our image as a manufacturer of Oxalic Acid and Diethyl Oxalate since many years has been well known to the Domestic and International customers. During the last decade the focus has been on the production of Agrochemicals-Herbicides, Insecticides and Fungicides, which currently is our core strength. With a majority of its products finding place in the international market, today Punjab Chemicals is a well-known name in the agrochemicals field.

Equipped with the latest state of the art instruments and some of the finest brainpower in the industry, Research and Development team of Punjab Chemicals has a major share in the Company’s glorious achievements. Be it designing a better process or devising more cost efficient reactions leading to more competitive prices, our research team has always excelled at innovations.

We cooperate with our customers in a spirit of true partnership. Our efforts in this field are mainly motivated by our desire to find innovative and customized solutions by means of a mutual exchange of experience to meet the requirements of the market.

The company has a well-equipped Pilot Plant for the process developed in R & D at gram quantity levels to be scaled up to kilo quantities. The Pilot Plant includes mini replicas of standard reactions, isolation and finishing units, so that the trial batches provide reliable data for process validation, design and operational conditions. Also our Multi-Purpose manufacturing facilities are able to undertake contract manufacturing too. This has opened an era of a new level of interaction between the company and its customers.

Come, talk to us about your contract manufacturing needs and together we could explore new dimensions in Chemistry.