Employees of Punjab Chemicals build an ecosystem of relationships, like a large extended family. Comprehensive benefits ensure health and happiness of the workforce and their loved ones.

For the benefit of the employees the Company has established Primary Consumer Stores where in the employees are provided ration at subsidized rate.  Further the Company has established a Thrift and Credit Society wherein contributions are received from Employees on monthly basis. Various types of loans like Housing/Medical/Education are provided to the employees at nominal rate of Interest.

The company provides financial support as well as incremental benefits to employees for higher education to enhance Educational Standards and skill of the Employees.

The company also encourages Family Planning amongst employees by way of counseling and financial rewards.

Medical Facility

Punjab Chemicals provide medical facilities to its employees and deliver modern, high-quality medical care with the finest hospitality service. We want to make sure that our employees get the best medical care possible.

Canteen Facility

At Punjab Chemicals, our meal plan for employees will let them have tasty and healthy food at an affordable price. When employees consistently eat healthily, they become more productive and fit.

Shuttle Facility

We provide shuttle service to our employees which take them from one place to another with great comfort. Our shuttle service will let them save time, money and eliminate the need for self-driving.

Ambulance Facility

Emergency services are always in demand. We provide timely and well-equipped and ambulance service in emergency situations where every second count as important towards saving lives.

Financial Support

Financial support is something which is needed by employee. That is why Punjab chemicals is committed to providing various financial support for different needs and requirements. So we provide loans at low rate of Interests.


To ensure smooth and beneficial business operations, we offer employees access to timely medical care. We provide medical insurance and Accident insurance to our all employees to support their health and well-being.