Speciality and Other Chemicals – Lalru

Established in 1987, & formerly known as Alpha Drug India Ltd. or ADIL, the name has been synonymous with manufacturing of high quality API’s and intermediates to meet varied requirements of customers. The company was pioneer in the manufacture of import substitute intermediates for semi synthetic Penicillin and has a very responsible position in the anti-bacterial drugs in India.

Having merged with the parent company Punjab Chemicals as its Pharmaceutical & API division, the unit has been a leader in its products with international quality standards. It manufactures API’s and Intermediates and today holds a significant share in the Market with Customers across the Globe. The division also produces a range of derivatives from Gallic Acid.

Located at Lalru, near Chandigarh, about 250 kms. north of the capital city New Delhi, Punjab Chemicals- Speciality and Other Chemcials has well laid out & maintained facilities and infrastructure sprawling over 10 hectares. It has all the pre-requisites for Speciality and Fine chemicals & API manufacturing. All operations follow International guidelines and have a high QESH oriented modern waste management system.

At site we carry out various type of reactions and some of them are Methoxylation, Chlorination, Hydrochlorination, Cyanation and Esterification.

In the highly competitive international pharmaceutical market, the need to remain at the forefront of new product development makes ongoing Research and Development the heart of the Speciality and Other Chemicals. It has the capability to develop process technology on a contractual basis and for the exclusive manufacture of fine chemicals & API’s

With an experienced and reliable team dedicated towards its objectives under the new restructured pattern, the division is poised to grow and could become your ideal partner in fine chemicals & API sourcing.