In its state of the art manufacturing facilities, Punjab Chemicals is manufacturing various Herbicides regularly for the last couple of decades. All these products find extensive use for control of Herbicides in various crops such as Cereal, Cotton, Maize, Peas , Potato, Soybeans, Sugarcane, Winter Cereals, Lupins, Sugar beet, Sunflower, Strawberries, Marigolds, etc.

Detailed product list is as follows:

1. Metamitron
2. Ethofumesate
3. Diflufenican
4. Lenacil
5. Cyanazine

Following are the Insecticides and Fungicides manufactured by the Company from time to time on campaign basis.

1. Fenpyroximate
2. Tebuconazole

Apart from the above, Punjab Chemicals enjoy excellent reputation as the most efficient and cost effective manufacturer for various Herbicides, Insecticides and Fungicides. The company is associated with several Indian/Overseas based MNC’s for manufacturing of their products. Some of these products are on exclusivity basis and are under secrecy agreement.

Dedicated manufacturing facilities have been established and created for these MNCs to produce high quality Agrochemicals for them for the last several years. The company is in touch with various Overseas MNCs of developing several other Agro Chemicals on exclusivity basis. For the purpose, necessary infrastructure is being further created and developed for them.

Punjab Group Registration details.
Punjab technical Difluf enican is registered in Europe according to Regulation 1107/2009 and in Australia & Argentina .Formulations is approved in Argentina. Having complete GLP dossier including Five batch analysis.
Punjab technical Metamitron is registered in Europe according to regulation 91/ 414 and in Russia & Belorussia, Croatia & Slovakia. Having complete GLP Dossier including Five batch analysis. Recently got 9(3) registration for local sale of Metamitron Technical & Metamitron 70 SC in INDIA.
Punjab technical Imidacloprid is registered in Europe according to regulation 91/414 and in Brazil. Having complete GLP dossier including Five batch analysis.
Triclopyr-Butotyl & Tebuconazole Technical is approved in Australia. Benalaxyl & Metalaxyl Technical is approved in Taiwan. Metalaxyl Technical is approved in Europe, Argentina and Australia
Reach Notification

  • Oxalic Acid & Diethyl Oxalate from Punjab is fully REACH registered in Europe and can provide a tonnage band certificate for client REACH requirement. Diammonium Oxalate REACH registered in 2018 and Ethyl Oxy Chloride is REACH registered in 2020.

  • In all Punjab Group having 358 products REACH pre-registered covering Agrochemicals, Chemicals & Pharmaceuticals.

Pharma-intermediates and API is off ered by us is already preregistered in REACH. In May 2018 finished: Methyl Syringate; 2,6-dimethoy phenol; methyl 3,4,5-trimethoxybenzoate and ethyl 3-(chloroformyl)propionate i.e. ethyl succinyl Chloride.Our pharma plant is EU GMP & EDQM approved.